Our Team

Wolkin Curran attorneys all share a common commitment to excellence, client satisfaction and ethical representation. They all also like to win. That said, Wolkin Curran prides itself in encouraging each of its attorneys to develop his or her own style, consistent with the belief that the more directness and authenticity there is in the practice of law, the better the result obtained for the client.

Photo of Brandt L. Wolkin
Brandt L. Wolkin

Photo of Shashauna Szczechowicz
Shashauna Szczechowicz

Photo of James D. Curran
James D. Curran

Photo of Jennifer L. Elowsky
Jennifer L. Elowsky

Photo of Phyllis M. Cantor
Phyllis M. Cantor

Photo of Catharine M. Tolson
Catharine M. Tolson

Photo of David F. Myers
David F. Myers